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Vanishing Woman

Jun 28, 2017No Comments

Top Comments: “She uses life hacks.” “X-Files music or it didn’t happen” “I didn’t see any vanishing. Just walking next to each other. False title

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Anonymous Claims NASA to Announce ‘Eviden...

Jun 26, 2017No Comments

NASA is “on the verge” of announcing the discovery of alien life, according to the latest video from Anonymous. From the Anonymous Global YouTube channel:

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UNHhhh Ep 50: “Random AF” w Tri...

Jun 24, 2017No Comments

“oh honey hooooonnneeeyyyy honnnney oooh honey ho-h-oney these thin mints thin mints these thin mints aren’t gonna keep me thin honey”

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Audra McDonald – Summertime

Jun 23, 2017No Comments

What a phenomenal voice #obsessed

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Great White Shark in 3 Feet of Water

Jun 18, 2017No Comments

There’s some cursing, so turn off your volume if you’re offended by strong language. From the Dale Pearson YouTube channel: ATTENTION YOUTUBE VIEWERS READ THIS BEFORE

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Sharon Needles Performs “Heads Will Roll...

Jun 07, 2017No Comments

Destroy censorship pic.twitter.com/zfIPOIo9Lp — Chad O’Connell (@ChadOConnellArt) June 6, 2017 Twitter user @ChadOConnellArt captured this video of Sharon Needles performing “Heads Will Roll” while dressed as Kathy


Dog Reuniting with Owner

May 31, 2017No Comments

From the Lazy Owly YouTube channel: “We hear many stories about dogs’ reactions to owners coming home after long or short periods. We have witnessed

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GOT Season 7 Trailer

May 25, 2017No Comments

Game of Thrones tweeted out the following trailer today and we can NOT wait for the upcoming season! The great war begins 7.16. Rally the

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RPDR 9 Except Only Farrah Whining/Crying

May 22, 2017No Comments

Max Ribar, who posted this on YouTube, only captioned this gem with “Made out of love.” Sometimes that’s all you need.

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Katy Perry – Swish Swish ft. Nicki Mi...

May 20, 2017No Comments

From KatyPerryVevo: “Pre-order the new album ‘Witness’ by Katy Perry and get “Swish Swish” instantly: http://katy.to/WitnessYd Stream “Swish Swish” on Spotify: http://katy.to/SwishSwishYd/Spotify Follow Katy Perry: