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The Conjuring 2 Prank

Sep 26, 2016No Comments

This super scary two-way mirror prank is 1) terrifying, and 2) has an unexpected yet hilarious ending. The Conjuring 2 planned the prank to scare movie-goers who thought they were


$21,000 Airplane Seat

Sep 26, 2016No Comments

Ever wonder what twenty-one thousand dollars buys you in First Class? Well Casey Neistat got lucky with a First Class upgrade on his flight from


INSANE Domino Tricks!

Sep 16, 2016No Comments

From Hevesh5’s YouTube channel: “Millionendollarboy and I spent over 3 months creating this awesome domino trick screenlink! There are between 20,000-25,000 dominoes total. Enjoy watching


Alien Prank

Sep 12, 2016No Comments

This prank goes to the EXTREME as taxi cab passengers believe they’re witnessing an alien landing right in front of them. Not cute aliens either,


Woman Edits Herself Into Holiday Photos

Sep 07, 2016No Comments

Sevelyn Gat badly wanted to go on a vacation, and with everyone posting photos on social media of themselves around the globe, we can understand why!

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You Wont Believe What This Boy is Playing W...

Sep 07, 2016No Comments

There are countless videos circulating social media about animal interactions that keep amazing me lately. This is one of those videos. First of all, I’ve

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Taylor Swift Photoshop

Sep 07, 2016No Comments

Oh, we just love when the good people of Reddit decides to see how they outdo one another on Photoshop. This time a man was

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Slow Motion Balloon Burst

Sep 06, 2016No Comments

From the guys at Slow Mo Lab: “Balloon Burst at 27,000 – 60,000fps – Slow Motion fimed with Phantom v2010 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/SlowMotionLab“

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Ford family sedan takes down Lamborghini Hu...

Sep 06, 2016No Comments

From WheelsMag.com: “We have become accustomed to electric cars, like the Tesla Model S, surprising high-horsepower monsters at the strip, but this is perhaps the

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Sep 04, 2016No Comments

There are some who just don’t give an eff.