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20 Types of Push Ups

September 26, 2016

We love Jordan Yeoh’s fitness videos. They’re simple yet super effective and informative. In this one, Jordan demonstrates twenty different types of push ups to help you switch things ups. It’s important to change up your workouts because you keep your body guessing, which makes the workout more effective. When you get used to a routine, muscle memory sets in and progress begins to plateau.

The various push ups: difficulty from easy, normal, and hard.

1. Half Push Up
2. Regular Push Up
3. Shoulder Tap Push Up
4. Side to Side Push Up
5. Side Kick Push Up
6. Pike Push Up
7. Hindu Push Up
8. Tuck Push Up
9. Tiger Push Up
10. Staggered Push Up
11. Power Push Up
12. Explosive Push Up
13. In and Out Push Up
14. Up and Down Push Up
15. Clapping Push Up
16. Clapping Jack Push Up
17. Flying Push Up
18. Jack Lalanne’s Push Up
19. Handstand Push Up
20. One Arm Push Up

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